Village Laundry Center Offers FREE Pick-Up,
FREE Delivery & $10 Dollars Worth Of FREE
ORGANIC Dry Cleaning and/ or Wash & Fold Laundry
To Give Our Service A Try!

Call (973) 783-7045 to get started!

Most dry cleaners that pick-up and deliver charge you a fee or increase their prices, we don't!

We both know that it is a pain in the neck to drop off and pick up your dry cleaning, and who wants to waste their precious time doing laundry. Most of the time it sits in your car until you remember to drop it off. And then it sits at the dry cleaner until you remember to go pick it up (and hopefully they’re open). And if you’ve got kids, you have to get all of them out of your car and lug them in the dry cleaning store with you.

Why not let us show you the luxury (without the cost) of ORGANIC Dry Cleaning/ Wash & Fold Laundry with FREE pick-up and delivery?

You’ll put out your Dry Cleaning/ Laundry in one of my beautiful bags and miraculously it shows up as soon as it is completed or you put it out with a note saying “next day,” and it shows up the very next day. Or you forget to put it out, or you just got back from vacation or a business trip–you call us, we’ll pick it up and it shows up the next day. Now that’s dry cleaning nirvana, isn’t it?

Besides Organic Dry Cleaning, Laundering your shirts and offering Wash & Fold Laundry Services, we clean comforters, tablecloths, linens, blankets, drapes, suede, leather, area rugs and most anything you can think of. We offer many services just to make you life so much easier. We will also do alterations and will gladly recycle your hangers.

No start-up fee. Try with no obligation. $10 off your first order.

So here’s how this FREE Organic Dry Cleaning/ Wash & Fold Laundry delivery service works:

 We’ll stop by and give you one of our bags. You can give our service a trial month and see how we do. If we do great, we’ll continue to service you. If we don’t do so good, we’ll part with no hard feelings. How does that sound? Great! Give us a call at (973) 783-7045 and we can get this time and money saving Organic Dry Cleaning/ Wash & Fold Laundry Service FREE Pick-Up and Delivery Service going.

Stop driving yourself crazy. You don’t have to go pick up your dry cleaning any more. You don’t have to be a millionaire to have this service. You just have to have about $40 dollars or more of dry cleaning a month. And on top of all of this, our dry cleaners is very easy and friendly to do business with. Pick up your phone now and stop the misery. Call us at (973) 783-7045 now!

Your Neighborhood Dry Cleaner,
Village Laundry Center

P.S. Call us at (973) 783-7045 and get signed up! Remember it doesn’t cost any more to have us pick up and deliver your dry cleaning. Put your dry cleaning out and fill it up with as many clothes as you can for the $10-Dollars-Off special.

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